It All Comes Down to Habits


Wouldn’t it be fun to have a life make-over? I am not talking about a new hair cut and a stylish wardrobe. I’m talking about a life make-over, a total transformation.

You could add things like new skills, accomplishments and experiences. You could eliminate things you have grown beyond or get in the way of what you would like to do.

Maybe you would like to make a career move you’ve dreamed about. How about strengthening important personal relationships? Or maybe you dream of exploring the distant shores of the Nile River?

What if I told you it was possible to dramatically change your life without winning a lottery or a spot a new reality television program? Would you want to do it?

It really comes down to habits. Habits that you would like to be rid of and habits you would like to create.

Now I know that you have tried to change habits before. But failure does not have to be the end. There is a way. A way that is changing lives one habit after another.


A New Way

The new way does not fight the nature of our brains but works with it to make lasting changes which transforms life. Basically we use our brain to power our desired changes in the same way the brain directs our habits. It may sound strange at first but it works. Here is how.

First, we identify an old habit we would like to be free from. I have this annoying habit of procrastinating my writing until late in the evening. As a consequence I write when I’m tired and when my head is full and wants relief.

Second, I clearly specify the habit I would like to establish. In this case I want to begin writing in the morning for at least half an hour.

Next, I committed myself to the new routine for four weeks, just 28 days. At the end of the trial I have the option of either continuing with the new habit or returning to the old pattern (knowing there is an end makes beginning and sticking with it easier).

The final step to ensure success is using a simple but extremely effective tool called Habits Software. The program works with me every step of the way to reinforce and track my progress.

I set a timer for 30 minutes. With my mug of tea at my side, I start writing. Some days I write more than others. It’s okay. The point is I am writing—every day.

When the timer sounds, I save my post and go to my personalized Habits page. I click on a neutral face in the column for the day. Instantly the face becomes a big yellow smiley face. I have to smile, too. I have done a good thing and Habits Software reinforced the feeling of accomplishment. Plus I have plenty of time to work on my other projects.


This is a piece of simple genius! Its basically taking the piece of paper on the fridge & putting into a clean, easy to use digital format which I think will be very effective as the digital word is where so many of us spend our time these days.


The Free Online Habits Software

Habits Software makes a huge difference in the transformation process. Every effort you make to establish a new habit is reinforces with a click on a face. You can see it and you can feel it.

Habits Software records an immediate visible sign of every accomplishment. It is like a daily symbol of success.

Habits Software tracks progress over time. Any time you want to see proof of your progress, the program has it recorded.

In addition Habits Software is fun! Clicking on the neutral face and watching it change into a bright yellow smiley face is pure fun.

Did I mention the Habits Software is FREE? 🙂


I think it’s great! Love the simplicity (which is crucial for me in things like that!) and the accountability that it adds to the process of habit building.


How It Works

Habits Software is incredibly easy to use. You don’t even have to download anything.

Simply got to to register. The program immediately creates a personalized page for you. The next time you go to the site, you will be taken to your personalized page.

On the left hand you enter the habit or habits you would like to develop. In my case I entered two; one for writing in the morning and the other for writing for a half hour.

In the middle of the page are now two rows of pale, not quite sad faces. Above one is an orange box marking the day and date. When I have accomplished my daily goal, I click on the face under the day.

Instantly the face lights up as a smiley face. It is my personal, “Good Job!” My brain takes that smiley as a positive reinforcement making it that much more likely I will continue toward my goal.

I am able to view my progress for the week as soon as my page opens. With another click, this time on the “Reports” button I am able to see the entire record toward my new habits.

It is just as easy to edit or add new habit goals. Within seconds you have documentation of progress toward transformation.

Amazingly as progress is made in changing one habit, other behaviors and thoughts develop. It really is like a life make-over.

Try it yourself, it’s FREE – You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.


The software is very intuitive and easy to understand and use. I love the clean focus on habits + tracking. Perfect.
Chris Badgett,

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