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How many times have you arrived at a site, felt disoriented, and left within a few seconds because you didn’t want to waste time?

Or, perhaps had a quick skim and could not figure out the point of it or what it represented?

Maybe it was the organization of the information, or the choice of colors, or the small font, or the annoying banner.

Whatever it was, you knew one thing for sure: a captivating and usable web design is critical to ensuring a successful online presence.

I would go further and say that there is nothing more lasting than a first impression. After all, it can really make or break your online business success.

When someone comes to your site, you want the impression to be one that captures their attention and makes them want to stay.

In fact, you have about five seconds to do so. Any longer, and your potential client is going to move on.

This is why it’s extremely important to build a site that is both visually appealing and relays your core message clearly.

But good web design principles go beyond the purely aesthetic. A website needs to be more than just eye candy – it needs to be optimized for search engine results, it needs to work in different browsers, it needs to inspire confidence in your customers, and ultimately it needs to increase conversion rates.

The fact of the matter is that anyone can build a website using cheap templates and their neighbor’s college kid for help, but choosing this option means you may be compromising your business’s reputation and your chances of generating traffic to your site.

If your design is not effective, ultimately you and your business will not be effective.

Let me put it in a different way – have you ever walked into a room and instantly felt at ease?

Your website should bring out the same feelings when someone visits your site.

A well designed website is like that comfortable room you just love spending time in – It transforms the way you feel and make you want to be there.

A well designed website catches visitor’s attention and compels them to seek further in the site.

A well-designed website signals trustworthiness and creates confidence so visitors know you are great at what you do.

And more than anything, a well-designed website converts a one-time visitor into a regular customer.

If the above sounds like something you are looking for than contact me and find out how I can help.

I’ve been building online businesses for more than 10 years and I can help you create a complete virtual identity from scratch.

If you already have a website here are some questions you can use to assess its effectiveness:

1. Does your website quickly and clearly communicate your core message?
2. As a client, would you find your website user-friendly?
3. Do your pages load in a 5 seconds or less?
4. Are your pages easy to read and scan for information?
5. Can a visitor get the gist of a page within seconds?
6. Does your web site have a privacy policy?
7. Do you give potential clients a reason to give you their email address?
8. How does your site look and function on a smart phone or a tablet?
9. Does your website concentrate on your prospect’s specific needs?
10. How prominently are social media elements placed on your site?
11. Does your website have a clean layout with intuitive navigation?
12. Does your website encourage visitors to take guided action?

If your website design hasn’t changed in years or you’re not getting enough leads, it’s time for a change.

I’ve helped others and I can help you too.

If you choose to work with me as your web design expert, you can expect an affordable service and a design that…

• has a visual appeal.
• is search engine friendly.
• produces fast loading pages.
• renders flawlessly in all major browsers.
• communicates information clearly.
• looks clean, fresh and eye-catching.
• integrates social media.
• aims for conversion in a higher rate.

Take a look at my portfolio to see for yourself.

A well-designed website that converts traffic into customers is one of the most basic things you need to have in order run a successful online business.

Feel free to reach me via the contact page. I answer each and every email sent my way.



I initially hired Tal to make minor updates to my coaching website. He quickly demonstrated his value by providing suggestions for further improving my site and helped me develop a much better understanding of search engine optimization (SEO). I have already seen tremendous improvements in my website traffic in the short time since these changes were implemented. Tal is highly responsive, enthusiastic and supportive. I highly recommend him. I know we will be working together again, soon!
Natalie Currie. Life and Corporate Coach & Keynote Speaker. The Way Finding Coach


I have known Tal for more than five years and used his web services and advice on all our Group’s online endeavours – the results have always been optimal and consistent – highy recommend professional and star supplier”
Efthimios G. Latsoudis, Managing Partner, Latsoudis & Arvaniti




The old adage of “build it and they will come” is a myth when it comes to building and running an online business.

You want to create a website that not only is visually appealing but also optimized for search engines.

The difference between a well-optimized site and one that is poorly optimized could be the difference between success and failure.

A site that is well-optimized can lead to an increase in site traffic, brand visibility and have a higher likelihood of being recommended to a user.

It other words, It can mean more business and a better bottom line for you.

If your business doesn’t utilize Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices, then your chances of ranking on the front page are minimal.

While you can ignore or not pay attention to SEO – rest assured, your competition is already utilizing it.

Now, much has changed since the latest Google algorithm update so you want to be careful when doing or employing someone to do SEO for you.

The philosophy that I subscribe to is different from the traditional approach to SEO.

Most Search Engine Optimization companies offer quick link-building services such as article and directory submissions with the promise of increasing your page ranking in search engines, but the truth is most of the widely-publicized techniques of link-building are nearly worthless because everyone has abused them to the maximum extent.

In other words, if you come across a standardized optimization technique that the masses are using in an abusive way, you can be almost certain that it is ineffective.

These days it’s even dangerous – Your site can be flagged for over-optimization and drop in rankings.

This is why it’s imperative that you choose an experienced and reliable SEO Professional who understands Google’s latest changes in depth.

I have more than 10 years of experience in ethical search engine optimization with a proven track record of delivering high value results.

I love what I do and I’d like to share my passion with others.

To begin, Send me your website’s name and one keyword you would like to target and I will give you my initial thoughts for free.

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Here are some of the benefits of SEO for your business:

• Know your competition and use it to your advantage.
• Understand what potential clients are searching for.
• Enhance your brand reputation and online visibility.
• Validate your site’s code and create faster loading pages.
• Target and engage customers both locally as well as globally.
• Most importantly, generate free and targeted traffic to your website 24/7.


Tal and I have been work colleagues and personal friends for over 9 years. During that time, he has earned my deep admiration for his cutting edge knowledge & management skills in handling all assignments in web design and search engine optimization with great emphasis on quality and cost effectiveness. In addition, he is extremely gifted in communication and feedback. Tal is a winner in our books
Albert Knowles, A.V. Knowles & Co.

Tal Gur swiftly fixed my WordPress website after it became corrupted & was clear about the tasks he undertook. 5* work.
Karen White, Eyeball Marketing UK




Whether or not you’ve started using social media, there is no denying the fact that it is on the rise and is here to stay.

With more than a billion social media users worldwide, it is pretty self-evident that your business can’t afford to ignore it.

And, with the rapid increase in the number of mobile phones connected to the internet, social media is experiencing even more growth.

Your choice now is to either stand on the sidelines or get in the game.

If you’re hesitant because you think social media is just a bunch of people telling each other what they’re doing, it’s time to think again.

Believe me. I was a bit hesitant at first as well. I didn’t want to know what other people are doing every minute of the day.

But I quickly realized what a golden opportunity laid in front of me.

Never before has there been a tool that allows you to build a massive targeted audience of loyal followers who are genuinely interested in what you’re offering.

Never before has a message could spread so quickly through “word-of mouth”.

Never before has real time-communication with current or prospective customers been so easy.

And if that’s not enough for you, search engines are now taking social media factors into account when ranking your site.

By using the latest and best strategies, I can help you leverage various social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Flicker and Pinterest in order to increase traffic to your website and ultimately your bottom line.

Tal GurMy social media services include:

• Evaluation of your current social presence including information on user engagement, interactions and mentions of your brand.
• A breakdown of your current audience demographics
• A complete analysis of traffic sources to your site as well as the growth of your followers.
• A cohesive social media strategy in tandem with your overall business goals
• Operationalize your current social channels and consistency engage your audience with relevant content
• Creation and management of new social profiles
• Fan building- Actually growing the number of your followers and fan within defined audience-groups

Running an effective social media campaign requires specific skills, focused dedication and a significant time commitment.

You don’t have to do it alone. Let me be the eyes and ears of your brand online.

Contact me today and I’ll review your current social media position.


We have worked with Tal Gur for 5 years and have no hesitation in recommending him for both SEO expertise as well as his web design capabilities. He is without doubt one of the finest web developers it has been our pleasure to work with.
Paul Hackman, CCI Legal Services Ltd


Our firm contracted Tal to manage the design and build of our new website – the site needed to function as both a B2B and B2C facing site and include an interface to allow our 4,500 clients to access our host system, place new accounts for collection, transmit payment details and communicate with us using a number of predefined forms – this all had to be completed with LIVE clients accessing our system and the transition to the new site had to be completed with ZERO down time – even though the requirements were challenging, Tal put together a great team that completed the job faster than we expected and under budget! We were impressed, and recommend Tal’s work to anyone looking for an experienced, dynamic, forward-thinking partner
Peter Sorrentino, President, General Credit Services Inc



Did you know that, by next year, MORE people globally are expected to access the Internet VIA A MOBILE device than a desktop computer? 

Did you know that 66% access the Internet on their smartphones at least once a day?

And did you know that, on average, people spend more than 2.5 HOURS a day interacting with web content on their mobile?

Mobile is exploding and it changes everything. 

It changes the way customers interact with your site, It changes the way they engage with your email, and it fundamentally changes the way they do business.

Let me put it in another way – if your website is not optimized for mobile devices, you are MISSING OUT. Big time. 

Still not convinced?

Did you know that over 60% of mobile usage from Facebook and Twitter is coming from mobile…? and that over 40% of all email opens are coming from a mobile device?

That means that if you are sending traffic from one of these channels to a non mobile-friendly website, you are setting your customers up for a poor experience.

It has been found that almost half of mobile users are unlikely to return to a site if it didn’t work properly during their last visit. 

Not only that, The majority of them will not even wait more than 5 seconds for a page to load on their mobile device before abandoning the site.

You see, whether you like it or not, your audience is going to be consuming your content from a phone or a tablet.

This is why mobilizing your website is super important.

A mobilized site allows the viewer to read and navigate content on a small screen with ease; it allows your audience to interact with your business on any device they choose; And ultimately, it allows you to connect with your audience while they are on-the-go.

With so many benefits, it’s no wonder that so many business owners are mobilizing their sites.

Now, what about you?

Will you ignore the trend or will you act?

I’ve been designing websites that are beautiful, professional and easy to use since 1999 but lately I’ve been specializing in designing mobile friendly sites with responsive layouts.

If you are wondering what a ‘Responsive layout’ is all about, below are two examples of sites I recently designed.

Check out these sites on both a desktop and a mobile device, and see how the screen layout is adjusted based on the device resolution.

Passivelyfree_Mobile         SpendingHacker_Mobile


If you’re looking to make your site mobile-friendly, feel free to reach me via the contact page . I answer each and every email sent my way.



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What Others Say
"..I have already seen tremendous improvements in my website traffic in the short time since these changes were implemented..."
— Natalie Currie, The Way Finding Coach.
"..Tal has earned my deep admiration for his cutting edge knowledge & management skills in handling all assignments in web design & SEO.."
— Albert Knowles, A.V. Knowles & Co.
"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to use Tal in the future for any of their web needs. A truly helpful and nice man to work with!"
— Laura O. Kelly, Credit Control Covered Ltd.