Hosting Your Online Business

There are thousands, if not more, of hosting companies out there. They come in all price ranges, and with all kinds of bells and whistles. BlueHost and HostGator are two of the most reputable hosting companies around. I can’t provide a definite recommendation as I’m using my own dedicated server due to the high amount of traffic my sites generate (very expensive option for the novice user), but I can definitely say that a number of high-profile bloggers recommend BlueHost as the best web hosting for WordPress.



Creating and Growing an Email List

I use AWeber for my email and newsletter – it’s extremely easy to use. I’ve used other systems in the past, but have found AWeber so much more user friendly and far more customizable.



Building and Customizing a Website

This site is proudly powered by WordPress which is a free blogging software. If you’re looking to start a WordPress blog from scratch, I’d recommend the “How to Start a Blog That Matters” online course. The course has all the right ingredients and is delivered by one of the most respected voices in the online sphere, Corbett Barr.



Setting and Managing Goals

Goals Software is one of the most simple, fast, and effective systems to realize BIG goals.
This powerful goal-setting tool allows you to effectively set, manage and track your goals online: Spend Less than 30 seconds a day checking off your daily actions and get a visible feedback of your progress.
Goals Software has been designed to transform your life by providing you an easy way to track your goals, tasks, and habits on regular basis – all in one place. Check it out, it’s FREE to try!


One Year to FREEDOM: A life-changing roadmap to living life on your OWN terms, details what I believe, is the best way to achieve financial independence.

The One Year to Freedom book will take you step-by-step through the process setting such an ambitious goal in such a short time span, the necessary mindset shifts you’d need, the habits you’d have to adopt, and the relationships you’d want to create.

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The purpose of this eBook is not to teach you how to make a living from blogging (although it’s certainly possible if you put you mind to it). The purpose is to help you establish your presence online and show you why a blog platform and blogging can be powerful tools in your overall online-business journey.

The Begin with a Blog eBook follows a simple four step plan to build your presence online:

  • Step One: Getting Started
  • Step Two: Branding & Design
  • Step Three: Setting Up
  • Step Four: Content & Writing

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What Others Say
"..I have already seen tremendous improvements in my website traffic in the short time since these changes were implemented..."
— Natalie Currie, The Way Finding Coach.
"..Tal has earned my deep admiration for his cutting edge knowledge & management skills in handling all assignments in web design & SEO.."
— Albert Knowles, A.V. Knowles & Co.
"I wouldn't hesitate to recommend anyone to use Tal in the future for any of their web needs. A truly helpful and nice man to work with!"
— Laura O. Kelly, Credit Control Covered Ltd.